The Google Store is letting you buy stuff in different countries


The Google Store either got a huge unannounced change or it’s simply a bug. Either way, what’s going on right now is that Google is allowing you to buy things in a different country’s version of the Google Store.

For instance, if you’re in the US and want to buy something as if you’re in, say, Japan, you can switch to the Japanese version of the Google Store and — so long as you can understand the words — go through checkout as if you were on your own version of the Google Store. Previously, viewing the Google Store from a different country didn’t allow you to make any purchase.

This would be useful for someone who’s buying an item for a friend in a different country, but without the headaches of figuring out your own international shipping logistics.

But it could also be an unintended bug, but we’ve never heard of a bug that works so well that it seems like it’s more of a feature than anything else. We’ll hit Google up to see either way.

[via Android Police]

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