Feb 23rd, 2017

Sony is expected to announce the Xperia X2 at Mobile World Congress next week, and the device is sounding far better than the original base model did back when we first said our farewells to the Xperia Z line. A new photo of the thing has leaked via PriceRaja.

It’s very much a Sony phone from the outside looking in, although there’s one amazing trait that we are thanking the heavens for: the bezels are small! No, like they’re actually small. Not even normal-sized (which would be small compared to Sony’s previous standard). But tiny. This is in large contrast to the abomination you see here:

I’ve been ridiculing this aspect of Sony’s devices consistently for the better part of 5 years now. Half a decade of god-ugly chins and bezel. And as bad as it’s felt to dismiss all the other good parts of Sony’s phones because of how much unnecessary plastic they sported, it’s been worth the day that we finally see them get with the times.

Update: It looks like we’ve been duped, and the phone was little more than a well put together concept render created by Benjamin Geskin. If only…