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Google seems to be experimenting with the idea of separating all the content in Google Play into their own portals. Whereas before we enjoyed 2 tabs — one for Apps and Games, another for Music, Movies and TV, and Books — Google is testing out several changes where these categories are unbundled.

A prior change split Apps and Games into their own tabs, and lumped the rest into a category named Entertainment. Now, it seems Google is keen on giving each category their own tabs proper. That would bring separate tabs for Apps, Games, Movies and TV, Music, Books, and Newsstand content.

This change seems small in scope, but it could greatly improve the visibility of these different types of content in Google Play. It brings the more obscure categories front and center instead of burying them as sub-links under an “Entertainment” tab that some users might not even think to check for things like magazine subscriptions.

This also gives Google a greater opportunity to highlight even more new content, something we’re sure all the developers and publishers will be glad to hear as there are a ton of them these days. We’re not sure if these changes will ever be finalized and accepted, nor do we know how long it would take for Google to roll them out if they eventually like how the changes are performing.

[via Android Police]

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