Google is looking to separate apps and games on Google Play with their own tabs


Google seems to be testing some new changes in the Google Play Store. A new tab setup has appeared that seems to separate apps and games into their own respective pages. This goes alongside an Entertainment tab that is already enjoying its own space in Google Play


Google has attempted to make it easier to separate games and apps in the past. The main Games and Apps screen in the current version of Google Play shows a mixture of the two, but you can also drill down into just games if you’re looking for fun. Apps had no such thing.

OnePlus 3 Google Play DSC00390

This is how it looks right now.

Unfortunately, it’s uncertain when everyone will begin to see this, if at all. Google seems to be taking their preferred server-side testing approach with this one, and it may be a long while yet before everyone gets it (and that’s if they even decide to go with the change at all). Let us know if you’re seeing it on your end.

[via Android Police]

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