Android Pay on Android Wear won’t work with unlocked bootloaders


If you have an Android Wear smartwatch and were hoping to use Wear 2.0’s new Android Pay features, there’s one important thing to note: you can’t use it when paired with a phone that has an unlocked bootloader.

This comes as no surprise as this restriction was already in place for phones. There were some who may have been hopeful that Android Wear 2.0 could allow them to bypass the limitation seeing as Android Pay works standalone (you can even add a card right on your wrist), but it appears Google has found a way to extend that gatekeeping to your watch.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any intention to change this on Google’s behalf. It’s not that we expected anything else — these companies are getting more serious about security by the day — but it stings all the same.

[via Android Police]

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