LG G6 is getting a heat pipe to keep it cool, among other great safety measures


While HTC’s overheating issue from the HTC One M9 seems like a lighthearted mistake compared to recent gaffes committed by Samsung, LG still seems keen on reinforcing the importance of heat management in smartphones. There’s good reason for that, too, as thermal capacity is perhaps the single biggest inhibitor for tech advancements right now.

So, with the LG G6, LG wants to take things up a notch, with the company confirming their next smartphone will be employing a heat pipe.

LG wouldn’t be the first company to employ such technology, with Samsung popularizing it in their Galaxy lineup in recent years. Even with the biggest player in the game doing it, though, it’s still a rare sight.

Granted, it’s not necessarily an advanced heat pipe like you would find inside computer cooling systems, but for a smartphone it should be more than enough to direct the flow and transfer of heat in such a way that no one ever has to be worried about it messing up the other components in the phone.

Of course, LG — and everyone else wanting to avoid pulling a Samsung — will also be interesting in making sure their batteries are top notch. To that end, the company is said to be performing puncture and high-impact drop tests to ensure their cells stand up to punishment and the test of time, including heat exposure tests at levels 15% higher than the standards set in the EU and North America.

We can’t say we’re surprised by any of it, though. Samsung may have been able to weather a $3 billion storm, but companies like LG might have to throw in the towel in the mobile arena with that kind of downfall (though LG’s other businesses bring in enough money that the company as a whole would move along swimmingly).

[via Korea Herald]

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