Stay cool: HTC One M9 overheating issues have been fixed, now ready to be shipped


HTC One M9 OEM cases DSC08887

Earlier this week we wrote about the HTC One M9 experiencing some overheating issues. It was reported early on that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 had some problems with overheating, which is why the Samsung Galaxy S6 doesn’t use it. HTC’s Communications manager made sure to let everyone know that the One M9 was not running final software yet, which could explain the issues.

Now, a member of XDA forums is reporting that HTC has solved this spicy problem. His source with a One M9 received an OTA update with the changelog: “thermal improvements and camera improvements.” A Twitter user is also reporting that HTC has finalized software and devices are ready to be shipped. Just in time for the early April time frame.

This is all very good news, and it’s why you should never freak out about problems before a device is available in stores. When software and hardware aren’t meshing it can create problems like overheating. We’ll test the One M9 for ourselves, but at this juncture the overheating is not something to worry about. Stay cool, everybody.

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. Be cool baby!

  2. I just hope “thermal improvements” does not mean “CPU throttling”. Not sure how else they can reduce heat.

    1. God are you still trolling. All of them throttle. You really think it Samsung has their cpu running at max all the time?

      1. Do I know you? Ease up tiger. How am I trolling?

        And no, all of them do NOT throttle. Or maybe we have different understandings of throttling. I am not talking about running the CPU at full max speed all of the time and for you to insinuate that is virtually retarded. No one runs a CPU ballz out at all time. Duh. when I say throttling I am talking about cutting off the high end and lowering the low end. So, IF you are rated to hit say 1.5ghz you might cut that back to hit only 1.3ghz despite the fact you have a 1.5 rated chip. And/or maybe low end was 425 mhz and so you might open up 275.

        And only the true geeks will know, not the 99% average user, as only the geeks with look into the chips settings.

        1. Or you might only do what a lot of kernels do – throttle when you get to a high temperature point.

          Instead of playing clock games.

          1. Sure, but then you never solved the heat issue, you just are reacting to the heat point. The issue is still there.

          2. What issue?

            If it hits the thermal limit in a second, it’s a problem.

            If it only hits it after prolonged stress that doesn’t match real world use conditions then it’s like every phone I’ve owned.

            Just wifi tethering on my og Evo would drive it to around 124°F, and left unchecked it would shut down – after getting pretty darn slow.

            The test from the other day doesn’t jive with the temperatures reported here and another site with 3D gaming.

            As for the rest of the issue, I have once again linked what you might be interested in above but in case you missed it –


          3. IF there is a heat issue…

            It is easy for HTC to say that the heat issues seen by some are due to software issues.

            It could very well be due to hardware issues.

            Companies lie. Often. They have investments and reputations to protect. Damage control, part of the game.

            IF it is due to hardware issues, then they could try to solve it with software and salvage the use of the chip.

            They could do this by throttling marks in the software to never, for example, allow the phone to hit the reported 2.0ghz capability. They stop it at say 1.7ghz.

            This could explain the heat gun test seen all over the web in that they had not yet found their ideal cut back points so the phone, when at 2.0ghz would hit 130 degrees and so now they have their software stopping the CPU at 1.7ghz and so now they stay at a more manageable 115 degrees.

            ps – I did not read that article and have zero intentions to. Far too long and uninteresting beyond a few paragraphs. And I have no idea if you did, or just posted a link going around. ALL of us are just throwing out theories here. That is just 1 place writing 1 opinion piece.

          4. I did read the article and it’s quite a bit more than just another opinion piece.

            Did you read the XDA thread linked in the article here?

            No GPU throttling and what they describe as light CPU throttling after hitting the thermal limit. The opinion so far is based on speculation that Qualcomm updated the drivers for proper load balancing for the biggest improvement.

            That’s an opinion. The article you don’t want to read – far less so.

            Anyway, if your mind is made up and information is TL/DR then there’s nothing left to say.

          5. And btw – a 64-bit octacore has a LOT more transistors. I don’t care if your name is Snapdragon or Exynos, it just does.

            Processor heat is an integral function. More junctions = more heat.

            The Exynos is built on a more efficient gate geometry – and is then given higher speeds for both quads.

            The end result is inescapable – this entire class of processors cannot avoid the laws of thermodynamics.

            An entirely new technology than what we have today will be required to change the game.

            There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

        2. You think cutting the maximum is the only way? Throttling is slowing down. HTC and even Samsung has thermal throttling built into the kernel. That just set a limit on how heat the processor can run before it slow down. The S5 did it with the S801. All of the processor thermally throttle unless you have a custom kernel to remove it. Custom Rom people been doing it for years.
          I believe HTC just has a better kernel to control how the processor run.

    2. Quantum effects dictates that all semiconductors throttle under extreme heat. It’s not a secret. You’re assuming an arbitrary throttle regardless of heat aren’t you?

      Anything that cannot exercise thermal control hits the ultimate wall – the safety circuit for the battery. Shuts down most every phone, every time.

    3. Set the governor to conservative maybe

    4. I kinda agree with you, though I doubt it throttling will be noticeable.

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    2. Best batman film ever. Masterpiece.

      1. Schumacher Batman films = worst ever except for 60’s super-campy atrocities.

        1. Man, everything’s going over your head today buddy.

          1. I’m not your buddy, guy.

            I don’t get random scenes from odd/bad movies when they don’t really (from my perspective) have a lot to do with the discussion or even situations being discussed

            Probably the main reason I don’t like Family Guy because of the mentally challenged level of humour, comedy and common sense it utilises for “laughs”.

          2. Jesus, who peed in your cornflakes?


          3. That expression hasn’t been a thing since the 90’s. Please refrain from ever using it again. Since you’re incapable of communication that doesn’t involve movies here you go:


          4. Wow. I’m sorry you’re like this. Best of luck. Buddy.

          5. I’m sorry too. Having a profile picture where someone looks like a ‘hood boy/hipster Anon wannabe is kinda pitiable.

          6. Nice one, “Clive Owen”. Maybe in the future try not using images from movies or images of actors to to try and make your point. It makes for a much less cringe-worthy experience for everyone.

          7. Honestly bruv, take it easy. No hostility here, just an extended hand of friendship. All the best.


          8. Calling anyone “bruv” is an automatic (and permanent) fail at life in my books. Same as people who use the word “bro” all the time.

            Thanks, anyway.

          9. Oh my god, hahaha! Appeasement be damned, right? Looking forward to future encounters with you. You’re a joy.


          10. Your insufferable random images pretty much make me feel like this:


          11. Oh honey… I know.


  3. Not convinced at all. CPU throttling perhaps?

    1. But if they throttled…. Then they would update the spec sheets.. Right?

      1. Uhhh nope. But you know that.

      2. If they are throttling it would only come into play after playing high end games for a long time.

    2. Or better kernels. It does have to ring at 2.0 ghz all the time. There are a lot you can do.

      1. Yeah, kernel could be changed. But I suspect, we are going to see throttling. Cut off some of the high end. We will see as this will become clear real quick in the opening days of release as people run tests.

  4. Ready for the 10th!

  5. So does that mean Samsung couldn’t get it right? I mean… If it was a simple fix.. Then why did Samsung not put in more effort with SD810?? From what I hear the exynos is pretty great… But makes me wonder what went wrong with Sammy’s development…

    1. If it was that simple, not sure HTC would have waited until now to fix it.

      1. But they fixed instead of giving it up on it. That’s all that matters.. Better late than never.. And like it said.. The phone was running in finalized software… So technically… The fix could have been on time in there QA time line… Do we don’t “know” how long it took them to fix it…

    2. Rather than putting the time into it, I think it gave Samsung the nudge they needed to move forward switching completely over to the exynos.

    3. Nothing. This entire affair was invented to begin with and the entire Samsung story debunked to no end.

      Read it – not the first time this sort of nonreality has taken on the mantle of truth and sadly, it won’t be the last.

      Follow the story path – this isn’t multiple reports, it’s just two.

      One is from a Korean blog that the Korean Times repeated.

      The other is from gross misquotes of Anandtech.

      After that, it was bandwagon time and bedwetting of tidal proportions.

      Until the so-called stress test from a few days ago.

      And anyone calling me a fanboy for saying so, knock yourselves out.

      You’ll simply be advertising that you either didn’t read the link above, didn’t understand it, or just don’t like facts getting in the way of a good Internet Witch Hunt.

      Cheers. :)

      1. … I recall Qualcomm saying that they fixed the problem, so how is it a bogeyman story?

        1. The bogeyman story is everyone rehashing the same rumor from the beginning of December and then claiming that because someone else just reposted it, it was news and real.

          As the article linked points out, yes, Qualcomm did make improvements.

          Scheduled, expected improvements that were and are normal since that time in its development cycle.

          That would have been made without the bogeyman click bait.

          But then there wouldn’t have been a story.

          These scares happened with a lot of processors in the past and they’re going to continue to happen.

          Pretty sad, sensationalism sells over information. But there it is.

          1. How can it be a rumor if
            Qualcomm admitted to the speculations, I understand everything that generates motion or energy will eventually have to over heat or slow down, but some things reach that “boiling point” a lot faster than others and that seems to have been the problem with the SD10. Pocket now reported that the g flex 2 overheated and now the m9, so it isn’t sensationalized articles out there, but rather informative. But what ever the case is I’m glad
            Qualcomm has found some sort of workaround

          2. PocketNow didn’t say the G Flex 2 overheated. They said that the 810 tends to get hot, so LG put in lots of throttling to reduce performance. The phone itself stays pretty cool most times. The performance and battery life are still terrible due to the 810.

            The M9 might run into some performance hiccups like the G Flex 2.

          3. If the chip gets hot, doesn’t the phone get hot? Just like the Xbox 360 eternals used to get hot, which in turn made the system hot

          4. I think the reviewer meant to say that the chip by itself, without any interference from throttling software, runs hotter than other chips.

            LG just put in a ton of throttling to keep the SD 810’s temperature in check, which sort of confirms that this chip has a problem.

            I also doubt htc’s supposed “fix”. They haven’t been able to fix it for months and now, a few weeks before release, they magically fixed it? Something has to give.

          5. He said what he said, you can’t correct what he said. Though I agree with you

          6. The famous Flex 2 story started life as a reviewer stating that the screen probably forced it into thermal throttling because it had been sitting under show lights and that believing the benchmarks under those conditions were not ok.

            That was immediately quoted as proof that the 810 was overheating.

            At the end of every reputable article is a source link. Always follow it upstream until the first and actual report is revealed.

            Stories have a way of changing during retelling.

          7. Which Qualcomm “came out” and said we have fixed those issues. Its not like those show lights are at the same distance as the ones that keep your chicken nuggets warm at McDonald’s

      2. This is conspiracy theory nonsense.

        There is an actual issue with the reference 64-bit ARM cores. They are extremely power-hungry and even Samsung’s super-efficient 14nm finfet nodes are unable to keep them 100% cool during moments of high load.

        If even the 14nm finfet ARM core gets warm, what do you think will happen to the same core architecture under a 20nm node process?

        Also, I doubt that htc did a genuine “fix” like they’re trying to lead us on to believe. They probably did more of a compromise like a more aggressive throttling schedule.

        1. According to the guy sourced by the article at XDA, aggressive throttling is what they didn’t do.

          No GPU throttling and some CPU throttling when at high temperature.

          Overall, he reported temperature is down with the same performance, leading to speculation that perhaps Qualcomm has finished the drivers and improved load balancing.

          And if you read my posts including the one above, I never implied that there’s some free lunch – far from it as you’ll see from things I posted later in the thread here but before your comment.

          And I won’t call it conspiracy theory, I just call it sad when a Korean rumor gets rehashed for months with far too many people believing that rehashing something makes it true.

          Was the 810 and its drivers anywhere near final last December?

          No. No it was not.

          Was it ever substantiated by Samsung that their S6 prototype was overheating and it was due strictly to the 810?

          No on both counts.

          1. Whatever the case is, the dips in speed won’t be noticed.

          2. Do you have a link to his post about throttling?

          3. Certainly, but it’s more of a discussion beginning here –


            Hopefully we’ll be seeing final phones in honest devs and users hands and we’ll know more than just two data points.

          4. The way I read it, yeah, they did end up throttling and that’s about it. No other improvements. The M9 only reached 55C during a benchmark (Is HTC still cheating on benchmarks?). Other times, the phone stuck at 30-42C.

            Disappointing that my prediction came true. Sometimes, I hate being right about everything.

          5. It is not cheating, God Samsung fanboy can’t understand that there is a model to change it. It is only cheating if I am not allowed to use it.

          6. I don’t have a Samsung phone. Nice try.

          7. Then you sound even dumber.

          8. Don’t worry, you’re not.

            I especially enjoyed your made up statistics you’ve posted elsewhere claiming that you have proof that they’ve throttled the hell out of the M9 when your source data actually doesn’t say that.

      3. So explain why LG and HTC are having to “fix” an issue that you say doesn’t exist…S T F U

    4. Samsung did get it right, their solution is superior, their solution has no compromises such as throttling (Like this supposed “fix”) and they did it months ago. It was also a much easier fix for Samsung without getting all the bad PR that htc has gotten lately.

      The problem comes from the power-hungry 64-bit ARM core than both Qualcomm and Samsung are using on their SoC.

      Samsung solved the problem by using their superior 14nm finfet node to reduce power consumption.

      We still don’t know what htc did. Probably aggressive throttling like the G Flex 2. Who knows…

      All I know is that I ain’t touching any 810 phones with a 10 yd stick.

      1. If you call your whining and 1 early review ‘bad press’… that’s just hilarious!!

        1. You are an HTC fan girl in denial.

  6. I smell an HTC fanboy….

    1. I smell a hTC troll =P

      1. I smell what the rock is cooking ??

        1. Fanny packin’ 90’s Rock says hi!

          1. Jesus, is that real?! Earrings and all? After this I can’t see him as an action hero anymore

          2. Unfortunately it is.

          3. Something’s you see, you can never un see…

        2. Bacon and eggs on the surface of his HTC One M9, mmm!

    2. Joe (the writer of this post) owns a Nexus 5. Don’t believe he’s ever touched an HTC device since moving from Windows Phone.

  7. Cool. Like three little Fonzies.

  8. I’d take a ‘wait and see’ approach on this one, just like waiting for S6 drop tests if you plan to go bareback.

    1. What other choice is there but to go bareback in phones as in life :)

  9. So they come with a bag of ice?

    1. Probably heavy throttling like they did on the LG Flex 2.

  10. Far more interested in the camera improvements tbh.

    1. Reviewers have not had nice things to say about that either

  11. I have yet to come across an Android phone I can’t make weep (err burn clothes and hands actually) with a heavy video processing load. Granted in most cases it takes intentional heavy processing to make them really freak out. I actually really really like the M8 build quality, so if the M9 has the same kind of heat dissipation (way better than Nexus 5) then it’ll probably be OK. Sign me up though as I’ll likely be in line for the M9…

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  12. People just get hyped too quick and then worry to much, jump to conclusions before having the facts…its apart of this new “they said” generation where people get information to quick and then run with it. They said… They said… They say a lot of things, but that don’t make what they said…The truth.

    1. Kind of like what people are doing about this supposed “fix”.

      There’s probably something else htc isn’t telling us.

      1. Unless there’s well documented proof, like what Sammy has with its devices, you can’t assume there’s an issue. If it’s not there, it’s not there! Real simple.

    2. It has been proven. You HTC fanboys just don’t want to accept it.

      1. it was proven, why because some site said it was so. Did you touch it, feel it or experience it…No I don’t so, so how would you know for sure. I know, because they said it. Again, they say a lot things, that don’t make the things they said TRUE. They said Martin Luther King Jr. was killed by James Earl Ray, but does that make it true.

        1. Well, the very article you are commenting in tells you that it is true. Both HTC and LG had to underclock it to ” fix” it. Are you that stupid, to be able to ignore all of the prof around you?

          1. Are you stupid enough to believe everything your told.

          2. Yes, I believe companies when they say their devices are overheating and they have to issue a fix.

          3. the company didn’t tell you it was overheating a website did. It was only after website said something, the company came out to admit that it was in fact overheating and that what was tested by the website was not the final software for the phone. Hence my original statement, People (you and everyone else) just get hyped too quick and then worry to much, jump to conclusions before having the facts…

  13. So, Samsung was right all along. Good move Samsung for staying far away from this processor. You were proven right.

  14. Everybody is panicking over nothing. Wait till the phone is available with final software people

    1. New results should be out tomorrow.

      This is so exciting.

      1. What results are you talking about?

        1. Results with the final software build.

          Just relax and wait until tomorrow. We should have a clearer picture tomorrow.

          1. How are we supposed to find out tomorrow if we can’t even buy an m9 yet? We don’t even have a definate release date yet for the United States. Still I’m not worried about overheating. This is just people freaking out or……a plant by Samsung lol

          2. Uhh, because I’ll update my article?
            Just relax. You’ll hear about it when the time is right.

          3. Have I been talking to the author of this article all this time lol?

          4. Not this article. I’m a reviewer at another site.

            You’ll probably hear about our review of the M9 by tomorrow.

          5. Cool. I be looking for it. I have the m8 and love it. Can’t wait to see what the m9 can do. If you can send me a message on google + so I can catch your review?

          6. Bullshit.

          7. You’re reviewing for the wrong site ;)

          8. He’s not a reviewer, he’s a well known XDA troll named Applesexual, banned this morning for spreading HTC FUD because he liked the drama. He’s now appearing under this persona doing the same on Disqus and at another forum. His latest trick is to claim that new benchmark data proves that HTC is severely throttling the M9 when in fact the source for his data shows no such thing. It’s his latest meme and he’s selling it wherever he can.

            Wait until he gets to the part where anyone not accepting his made-up HTC statistics doesn’t understand the difference between Mexican and American economics.

          9. Oh yes, it’s just people freaking out…OVER A 130° METAL PHONE…S T F U

  15. So they added throttling to the kernel, just like every normal phone…

    1. They under clocked the device, because the processor sucks. There, I fixed that for ya.

      1. Hey little buddy! Howya doin!? I’m pretty sure Qualcomm knows how to build a highly efficient processor so don’t be offended that we can’t take your word on that.

        1. It’s so highly efficient, that it has to be underclocked to “fix” its overheating problem. Get your head out of the sand.

          1. This whole article is about HTC having to put a fix out for the overheating. Then there’s the video of it reaching 130°. Then, there’s LG, who admitted that they had to underclock the G Flex 2, to “fix” the issue. You HTC fanboys are a special breed of s t u p i d. There is proof all around you, yet you want to say it’s fake.

          2. I assure you that there is no overheating issues with final software. M9 is the best phone on the market at launch on April 10th.

          3. You can’t assure me of anything, other than that you are a blind fanboy of a dying brand. If the issue is corrected, it is due to underclocking. That kind of defeats the purpose of a new processor. The S6 far outshines the M9, that I can assure you of.

          4. I CAN assure you its corrected and NOT due to under clocking. The M9 flies and is a fantastic device. The only reason Samsung outsells HTC is name recognition and a much larger marketing budget. Still all that said… I’m not arguing with you about how fantastic the S6 is! It also is a fantastic device and I’m sure will sell millions. My point is this…. The M9 does not overheat and is not underclocked.

          5. The M9 suffers from the same overheating as the G Flex 2. The only way LG fixed theirs, is by underclocking. HTC can’t just work magic to correct it.

          6. Well aparantely they did?

        2. You don’t call an adult “little buddy” unless want to end up possibly being killed by said adult. Just an FYI.

          1. He’s my buddy and he’s little, so just an FYI…

        3. Yes, I know Qualcomm knows how to build efficient processors, but they did not build the processor this time. They are using reference ARM cores.

  16. No company on the planet would issue a release saying “overheating issues have not been fixed but we are shipping anyway and will fix later with updated firmware”.

    Just sayin’

    1. I guess they can’t say “you’re holding it wrong” or something like that . :)

      1. Exactly, or in this case “you have hot sweaty palms”


  17. Finally!!!!!! now I feel cool :D

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