Mar 19th, 2015

HTC One M9 OEM cases DSC08887

Earlier this week we wrote about the HTC One M9 experiencing some overheating issues. It was reported early on that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 had some problems with overheating, which is why the Samsung Galaxy S6 doesn’t use it. HTC’s Communications manager made sure to let everyone know that the One M9 was not running final software yet, which could explain the issues.

Now, a member of XDA forums is reporting that HTC has solved this spicy problem. His source with a One M9 received an OTA update with the changelog: “thermal improvements and camera improvements.” A Twitter user is also reporting that HTC has finalized software and devices are ready to be shipped. Just in time for the early April time frame.

This is all very good news, and it’s why you should never freak out about problems before a device is available in stores. When software and hardware aren’t meshing it can create problems like overheating. We’ll test the One M9 for ourselves, but at this juncture the overheating is not something to worry about. Stay cool, everybody.

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