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A photo of the Nokia 6’s About Phone screen is making the rounds today. Normally, it isn’t news as the device has already been made official, but when everyone is professing that the screen shows evidence of it running CyanogenMod software (which isn’t even called CyanogenMod anymore), it is.

The section in question is the one you see circled in the photo above. Its text translates to “Kernel Version,” and in that section you can see the following lines:

  • 3.18.31-perf — this is the base Linux kernel version
  • cm@cm-build-c14 #1 — kernel build version
  • Tue Dec 27 23:23:26 CST 2016 — kernel build date

The line throwing everyone for a loop is right in the middle. Many are taking “cm” to stand for CyanogenMod, and considering the latest version of CyanogenMod before they became Lineage was CM 14.1, we can understand why someone would be mistaken that this is a CyanogenMod build.

What’s more likely is that “cm” stands for “community” in this instance, with the phrase “community build” not being uncommon when speaking of firmware meant to be run on production or public prototype phones (which the phone in the photo may or may not be).

For comparison’s sake, the kernel build version on a phone running CyanogenMod would typically be something like “inky@CyanogenMod,” with the “CyanogenMod” part always being fully spelled out.

So no, Nokia probably isn’t using CyanogenMod or even LineageOS on the Nokia 6, though we imagine it’d be plum dumb easy to make that happen yourself at some point down the road.

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