CyanogenMod will officially live on as LineageOS


In case you haven’t heard, Cyanogen going through some big changes. The company is consolidating all of their efforts to a single Palo Alto office in California in order to better work their future endeavors.

But with that also came word that some key personnel will be taking exits. Actually, “some key personnel” would be a vast understatement — Steve Kondik, for whom Cyanogen was a brainchild, is leaving the company.

Thankfully, Cyanogen Inc. isn’t looking to screw over the development community with this move. While the company will be shutting down their efforts on CyanogenMod (not Cyanogen the OS) at the end of this year, they will make the source code available for anyone who wants to continue building on it.

So, of course, a new team arrives to take that task: meat LineageOS. We’re not sure where LineageOS will go from here. We know the team consists of some folks from the original CyanogenMod project who either didn’t or couldn’t join in for the corporate hell ride, but we’re not sure who, exactly. We don’t even know for sure if Steve Kondik will be joining in, though a Tweet with the hashtag “Lineage” on his timeline seems to suggest as much.

In any case, CyanogenMod is gone, and if you want to continue following the spiritual successor to that then here are the accounts you’ll want to pay attention to:

Here’s to 2017 and all the exciting new developments it should be bringing from the folks at Lineage!

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