LG is working on a new smartwatch, and it looks to run Android Wear


With how slow the Android Wear launches at the tail end of 2016 got, we wouldn’t blame you for thinking some of the perennial contenders were going to sit the new year out. Well, LG might be looking to keep their train going, at least.

A new, round smartwatch has passed the FCC. There’s no information on the device other than its shape, unfortunately, so we’re not sure what, exactly, we could be getting.

The FCC listing does seem to spill one bean, though: this is Android Wear. At least, that’s what the list of steps to access the electronic FCC ID label seems to suggest.

This is welcome news as LG has experimented with WebOS on smartwatches in the past. While WebOS is great, there’s nothing like the Android Wear ecosystem, and for many users it’s important to have those device-agnostic standards, apps, and user experiences on whichever smartwatch they prefer. Let’s hope to hear more soon, especially with Mobile World Congress coming up next month.

[via Price Raja]

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