Jan 11th, 2017

This isn’t the sort of milestone Samsung wants to be tooting about in 2017, but they will anyway. The company has announced that 96% of their Galaxy Note 7 users have returned their devices. This is a big improvement from the 85% figure they revealed back in December.

That uptick coincides with recent moves by Samsung and the carriers to issue software updates which effectively kill the Galaxy Note 7, something which surely prompted the remaining public to finally let go of the thing.

As such, they were able to get another monkey off their backs: airlines no longer have to notify people that they can’t bring Galaxy Note 7 devices onto flights. Hooray! With that, we’re still waiting to hear what Samsung found in their internal investigation that caused this whole thing to occur, and then we’re on to the Galaxy S8 to see how they plan to bounce back in 2017.

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