Jan 11th, 2017

As Google often does, they seem to be injecting some new code into the Google Play Store app to get ready for forthcoming changes that have yet to be revealed. The latest look inside the APK seems to turn up a few interesting changes.

For starters, Google seems to be exploring an expansion on sorting options for the My Apps view. It looks like you’ll be able to sort apps by alphabetical order, when they were last updated, when they were last used, and even size. This should make it worlds easier to find what you’re looking for in a jiffy.

Another interesting hint points to family purchase authorizations that can be done remotely. Currently, an authorization has to take place on the device where the original purchase was attempted, but the update would seemingly allow the head of the family to approve or deny requests on their own devices. It sounds like it has the potential to make life much easier for those who rely on it.

As with all changes associated with preparation, we don’t know when the actual goods are set to arrive. Could be days, weeks, and even months from now — we wouldn’t put anything past Google’s wildly varied update schedule. We’ll be on the lookout for it, though, so stay tuned.

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