With 60 million units expected to ship, Samsung has the bar set high for the Galaxy S8


You can call Samsung’s fortune of late anything you want. Lucky? Sure — the biggest tech recall in the history of tech should ordinarily be enough to put any respectable company on its back, yet Samsung seemingly escaped through the fires unburned.

Calculated could also be another way to put it, with the company’s years of building a solid brand and great diversity proving strong enough to withstand the biggest of blows.

No matter how you slice it, though, Samsung still obviously wishes it didn’t happen. Somehow, they could still be in position to regain the momentum they lost with the Galaxy Note 7’s failures with the looming Galaxy S8 launch.

It’s said the company is expecting to ship 60 million units of the thing over its lifetime after its 3 predecessors all failed to reach the 50 mark. It’s a lofty goal, but not one that Samsung hasn’t met before. The Galaxy S4 and S3 sold 70 million and 65 million units, respectively.

Obviously, Samsung would love to have those numbers, but the company has had to deal with a recent surge in global players offering extremely competitive and compelling options, particularly those hailing from China. Even still, Samsung had found themselves on a growth pattern starting with the Galaxy S7 as they parlayed a stagnant generational leap into the launch of their greatest smartphone (Galaxy S7) yet.

So, that sets the stage: the void left by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has a whole lot of Samsung faithful going an extended period of time without a proper successor, and the Galaxy S8 is going to tempt them very much. Add in chatter that Samsung may look to soothe those lost souls with the inclusion of S-Pen capabilities, and it’s clear to see why Samsung thinks they can do it. If they can do that, well, we’d think all those bonuses their executives relinquished should jump right back into their bank accounts.

[via The Investor]

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