Fitbit buys another smartwatch company


Fitbit is on a mission to buy up every small smartwatch company on the planet, or so it seems. Last month, Fitbit acquired Pebble for $40 million and immediately canceled the Pebble Time 2 and Pebble Core. A lot of Pebble users started looking for a replacement with similar features. The Vector watch was one device that came up often, but now it has met the same fate as Pebble.

The Vector watch’s claim to fame is 30-day battery life (yes, 30). It has an e-ink LCD display similar to the Pebble. The Vector watch can’t do nearly as much as the Pebble or Android Wear, but that’s how it achieves the insane battery life. It’s a smartwatch that puts the watch first. So now Fitbit owns two companies that make similar products.

Like Pebble, Vector says there will be no new devices with the Vector name. They will work with Fitbit on new devices. We’re a little bummed that Fitbit has purchased two great alternative smartwatch companies, but now we’re getting curious to see what they’re working on. Hopefully, Fitbit can carry on the watch-first approach of both Pebble and Vector.

[via TechCrunch]

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