Jan 10th, 2017

While we’re still painting pictures of what to expect from 2017’s heavy hitters, their release details are becoming ever clearer. Just earlier, we learned Samsung would look to return to their mid-April launch strategy for the Galaxy S8.

If true, that means that Samsung — not LG — will be considered “late” to market this year, as rumor has it LG will look to launch their device on a 2-week timeframe following a Mobile World Congress announcement in late February.

We’ve seen the 2 competitors launch in the same month in recent times, but even still, Samsung was usually first, and they were usually out of the starting gate on a much grander scale in terms of global availability. If LG can accelerate their timeline by a month then it gives them much more room to win some business before Samsung comes to ruin their day.

Of course, any success at all has to start with offering a quality smartphone. The LG G5 was interesting and unique, but ultimately proved gimmicky and LG doesn’t seem intent on trying to force the issue on modularity. Whatever they do come up with, though, has to be really compelling if they want to steal just an inkling of Samsung’s business.

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