The next BlackBerry should definitely have a keyboard


We’ve heard this story before, folks, but it’s starting to sound more like reality. After BlackBerry confirmed that they would be licensing out their keyboard design to TCL for use in future phones if they wish, and a leak that showed a possible upcoming BlackBerry phone with a QWERTY keyboard in tow, we were all but sure that the next BlackBerry phone would bring us another keyboard.


Well, BlackBerry (or, more accurately, TCL) sure doesn’t seem intent on hushing those murmurings. The company’s North America President and GM Steve Cistulli went to Twitter with the following Tweet:

Remington No. 2 of 1878

The Remington #2, if you don’t know, was the second generation of the classic typewriter. We’re not sure why he specifically pointed out the Remington 2. It was the first one with a shift key, for what it’s worth, and that was a big deal back in the 1800s. Our guess is that they’re hinting toward this being the 2nd BlackBerry Android phone with a keyboard, as we’re sure a shift key is all but impressive these days.

Previous rumors suggest this device will have an ever-exposed keyboard like we’re used to on BlackBerrys of old instead of the slide-out mechanism used on the PRIV. Either way, those hoping for a new BlackBerry phone with that classic keyboard design will want to stay on the lookout for more news in early 2017.

Quentyn Kennemer
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