Rumor: Galaxy S8 to launch later and be more expensive than the Galaxy S7


For those hoping for another early March release date on the Galaxy S8, put those hopes in the holster for now. A new rumor suggests Samsung is opting not to launch the Galaxy S8 at Mobile World Congress, a high-profile industry event where the year’s first notable smartphone announcements tend to be made.

Instead, Samsung will look to hold an event of their own in April that’ll likely take place in NYC and perhaps other major cities in other parts of the world. Our guess and sincere hope is that Samsung is taking that extra time to make sure their phones aren’t dangerous accidents waiting to happen. If not for public safety, they’ll definitely want to do it to ensure they don’t have to turn over $3 billion to fix the error.

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Thankfully, it seems Samsung does know why the Galaxy Note 7 devices couldn’t stop exploding after 2 different runs with different battery components, and we’re sure they won’t be keen on making that mistake again. The company still hasn’t revealed what their investigation found, but with a promise to make those details public knowledge by the end of the year we’re still patiently waiting.

Now, for the bad part: the phone could also be 20% more expensive than its predecessor, which was already pricey at an average starting point of $650. It’s said the increased cost of the device is due to the increased cost of raw material, but that would seem to go against the trend of materials getting cheaper with time.

The wild guess is that Samsung is introducing some new innovations that we haven’t heard much about yet, or perhaps the material they need to make curved displays has increased because they’re thinking of introducing curved displays for both models of the Galaxy S8. Of course, that’s just a guess, so don’t hang your hat on that. Either way, Samsung sounds like they have a slobber knocker of a phone waiting in the wings, and they’ll very well expect you to pay for it.

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