Does your Pixel produce crackling noises at high audio volumes?


Another week, another Pixel issue. This time, a stink is brewing over the speakers inside the Pixel and Pixel XL. Many Pixel owners have congregated over an issue that produces a crackling noise when audio is played at high volumes.

Specifically, many people only seem to be able to reproduce this issue when they are within 3 ticks of the max audio levels. Furthermore, it seems the issue may only produce itself when certain frequencies are played at this volume.


Want to test yours? It’s said playing this video at the highest volume should almost always reproduce the defect. If you’re not sure what to listen out for, the video embedded above should give you a pretty good idea.

As the case always seems to be, Google is already aware of these complaints and they pinky swear they’re investigating it, however we haven’t heard much of anything since Orrin — the Pixel community manager — replied way back on November 7th.

Some users reported that they are no longer having the issue after having received Android 7.1.1, but there are just as many who say they haven’t had such luck with the recent update.

For what it’s worth, it seems Google is happy to replace defective units if you contact them about it, but considering our tipster has been through about 5 devices now it’s probably worth waiting to see if Google can do something about this on the software side of things. We’re reaching out to them to see what’s up.

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