Nova Launcher Prime is $.99 today, freebies for existing users on the way, too


[Update]: The freebies have been announced: icon pack giveaways! Hundreds of icon packs are being given away for both new and existing Nova Launcher Prime users, plus there’s a chance to win a $200 Google Play Gift Card. More details here.

Nova Launcher’s developer teased that a big announcement was coming today. That big announcement wasn’t some huge new update or a new app, we now know: it’s a big deal.

$.99 gets you the premium version of Nova Launcher known as Nova Launcher Prime. It’s been the one home screen replacement app that has been able to keep up with the times like no other.

Nova Launcher Night mode 4.3 beta 2

The developers take advantage of every new feature that comes to Android to enhance the launcher, and they even help you easily mimic the launcher setups on Nexus and Pixel devices in case you have to fake the funk. Of course, it’s flexible enough to give it any look you want to.

Beyond this big sale, we’re told existing Nova Launcher Prime users will be treated to some yet-to-be-announced goodies at some point later today. We’re thinking premium themes or icon packs or something like that, but it could very well be anything. We’ll update you when we know more, so stay tuned.

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