Dec 14th, 2016


Amazon and Google are going head-to-head over smart hubs that can control all the smart devices we keep in our homes, but Amazon currently has a leg up on Google thanks to Alexa’s fully fleshed out system that works with more than Google Home at this point in time. That’s why it’s no surprise that Wynn Las Vegas has announced it will be equipping all of its rooms with Amazon Echo so guests can control everything with their voice.

Wynn says Alexa will be fully operational in all of its guest rooms by summer 2017, offering guests the ability to control the room lights, temperature, draperies and the television through the power of their voice. Wynn also notes that it plans on incorporating a personal assistant feature just as soon as Amazon introduces those features to the devices.

This is another victory for Amazon in getting Alexa out into the general public and we wouldn’t be surprised to see more hotel chains hoping on this bandwagon of making their rooms controllable with just your voice. It will be interesting to see what Google does to help adoption rates for Google Home, which just released last month.

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