Samsung is planning to release two foldable smartphones


News regarding Samsung’s upcoming foldable-display smartphone has been making the rounds for several months, but a new report out of Korea now gives us insight into Samsung’s go-to-market strategy. Rather than unveiling its final foldable-display smartphone to the world, Samsung will first introduce a foldable “dual-display” device which will feature two separate flat displays which will merge together when the device unfolds.


With the introduction of the “dual-display” foldable smartphone, Samsung will be able to gauge the market’s reaction to the new form factor. This first device would only be produced in limited quantities, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Round which Samsung introduces before releasing its edge display smartphones.

A second foldable device is also planned, featuring a single flexible display panel. Industry experts claim that the first generation of Samsung’s foldable display smartphone will be inward-folding, allowing the display to be protected by the phone’s body when folded. Outward-folding smartphones which feature a flexible displays which wrap around the front and back of the phone would eventually follow.

The source did not share when either of Samsung’s foldable smartphones are expected to be unveiled. Samsung could show off the “dual-display” foldable smartphone at CES in January so that it doesn’t pull attention away from the Samsung Galaxy S8’s unveiling at Mobile World Congress in February.

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