[Update: It’s Official] Samsung will completely disable all Galaxy Note 7 devices in the US next week


[Update]: Well, that wasn’t long. Samsung has come out to confirm that they are, in fact, working with carriers to disable all remaining Galaxy Note 7 units. The devices will receive a mandatory software update starting December 19th that will not only disable all wireless communication on the device, but also prevent it from charging. This should effectively force people to turn their phones in. Samsung says they have already accounted for more than 93% of Galaxy Note 7 devices.

Samsung has been working with carriers in several smaller markets to more aggressively collect Galaxy Note 7 units. Their efforts to date have largely gone as far as disabling cellular and sometimes all wireless access on the phones either through network restrictions or software updates, a move that would surely prompt someone to take their phone in. They’ve also been limiting phones from charging beyond 60%.

Galaxy-Note-7-review (14)

That last action was taken in most regions including the US, but rumor has it that Samsung will take their efforts to new extremes. A US Cellular customer reported that they received a message noting an incoming action that would prevent the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from charging at all. Here was the full quote from the supposed message:

As of December 15th, Samsung will modify the software to prevent the Galaxy Note 7 from charging. The phone will no longer work.

It may sound improbable, but accessing and disabling hardware in a phone through a software update is certainly possible, and we’ve seen it happen in the past.

This may come off as foul to some users, especially considering Samsung had initially treated the recall situation is optional. But 2 separate shutdowns from the US CPSC, a full halt on production, and carriers dropping the device entirely should signal to you that they just want you to give the phone back, and you most certainly should if you haven’t already. Do you still have your Galaxy Note 7? Have you received similar messages? Let us know with a comment straight ahead!

[via The Verge]

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