Samsung will be bringing additional storage to Samsung Cloud on Android Nougat


When the Galaxy Note 7 was unveiled, Samsung also revealed a new Cloud program to make the syncing of files an easier process for users. Samsung Cloud is a new cloud storage service which allows you to back up your important files, photos, and more. Then, if something happens to your device, you can rely on the Cloud to bring everything back.


However, the catch with Samsung Cloud is that you would be limited to just 15GB of storage, with no ability to upgrade the amount of storage. According to SamMobile, this may be changing in the very near future as they have found pricing for Samsung Cloud which allows you to upgrade to either 50GB or 200GB of storage.

This new change was discovered while exploring the new Android Nougat beta on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Within the Samsung Cloud settings panel, there is a new option to “Change Storage Plan” within the “Manage Storage” panel. From here, you can either select 50GB for €0.99 or 200GB for €2.99.

If 15GB free storage is fully utilized and you are unable to sync or back up your data to Samsung Cloud, you can delete some of your stored data to free up space of Sync and backup. Option to purchase additional cloud storage will be available soon in some countries. 

According to the Samsung Cloud Support page, the company explains that the option to purchase more storage “will be available soon in some countries”. Although it’s unknown what countries will get the ability to purchase more storage, we feel safe to assume that the US will definitely be on that list.


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