HBO’s VR app is right around the corner


When Google announced Daydream, HBO was one of the major content partners paraded for the service. The thought of watching Game of Thrones in a theater setting is extremely exciting, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, that app didn’t launch in time for the launch of the Daydream View. It still hasn’t, technically, but it appears we may be close. HBO accidentally published the HBO GO VR app to Google Play, but the listing has since been removed.

From what we could tell before it was yanked from our grasp, this app largely delivers 2D HBO content to be enjoyed in an immersive VR environment. It’s possible HBO will release some actual 360-degree content of some form in the future, but we’re going to bet against being able to watch a full season of Westworld in this manner (simply because driving the narrative and scene from an unpredictable viewpoint makes for some really hard shooting, especially when you’ve got special effects being heavily used throughout many of these shows).

But we digress. If you’ve always wanted to enjoy HBO content in a virtual cinema, here you go! If not, then that’s OK too — the shows and movies are amazing no matter how you’re viewing it. We’ll update you when this app actually becomes available to use.

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