Dec 1st, 2016

If you don’t remember, Niantic has slowly relaunched their reworked Nearby feature in Pokemon GO. This feature makes it easy to find specific Pokemon.

Previously, you’d get a general estimate of your distance from a Pokemon that shows up on the tracker, but now the tracker shows Pokemon which are close to specific Poke Stops. Same concept, same goal, but a slightly different and less random way to go about it.

The only problem is that feature was only available to some parts of the US. Well, wake up today and everyone else in the country should have access to it.

If that’s not enough, Niantic also says folks in “large parts of Europe” will begin to see it, but with so many destinations in Europe and depending on your definition of the word “large,” it’s tough to say how far, exactly, it extends. The only way to see if your area is included is to get out there and try to track some down!

[via Niantic]