LG seems to be planning smartwatch payments of their own


Samsung is making big strides in mobile payments each and every day, and LG has been working to play catch up. The company still hasn’t launched LG Pay, but they could already be looking into adapting their own service for smartwatches like Samsung has done with the Gear lineup.

A series of trademark filings reveal LG Watch Pay, with a description for a mobile payment service being a giveaway as to what they’re working on. This comes alongside trademarks for LG Watch Style, Force, Pro, and Sole, all of which could be new forthcoming smartwatches with Android Wear or maybe even LG’s own proprietary OS based on WebOS.

While we can’t be certain of LG’s exact plans, we’re going to bet they’ll want to match Samsung when it comes to technology. The company has already reportedly bitten the bullet to use MST technology for their phones, a solution which lets you use your phone to pay at almost any credit card terminal and not just ones with NFC. And with Samsung’s Gear S3 able to use Samsung Pay standalone (which also means those with non-Galaxy smartphones can now use Samsung Pay) they’ll want to make sure they offer much of the same.

[via PhoneArena]

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