The LG G6 may feature an iris scanner and LG Pay functionality


LG is putting all of its eggs in the basket for the upcoming LG G6. There hasn’t been much rumored about the new device, but we have already seen rumors suggesting LG will be introducing its new mobile payment system alongside the G6.

LG Pay was initially intended to be used with another card in your wallet which was tied to your mobile phone, but those plans were scrapped in favor of a Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) option. These rumors have surfaced yet again, but also reveal more information about the upcoming device.

The latest rumors suggest LG is working on introducing an all-new front camera module that will double as an iris scanner. Samsung recently did the same thing with the Galaxy Note 7, but as we’ve all seen, that device is no longer available, leaving that corner of the market temporarily open.

It may seem that LG is just working on copying its competition, but if the company can capitalize and market the G6 properly, it may stand a chance against the Galaxy S8. We’ll have to wait and see how everything plays out, but if the LG G6 turns into another flop, LG may be looking to exit the mobile smartphone market.


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