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The stock Pokémon GO Plus wrist strap sucks, but we’ve found the perfect replacement


No matter your Pokemon GO level of dedication, hands down the best accessory for casuals and veterans alike is the Pokémon GO Plus. By now, you’re probably feeling a little burnt out on the game and although farming for Stardust seemed easy at first, by now it’s likely become a chore. That’s where the GO Plus comes in, allowing you to passively play the game without requiring your complete and undivided attention. The feeling you get by not having your face buried in your smartphone is liberating to say the least.

That’s not to say the GO Plus is perfect. Far from it. Aside from constant connection issues (we have a great guide on fixing those, by the way), one of the things that bugged me most about the GO Plus was the wrist strap they included in the box. For those who actually want to wear the GO Plus on their wrist, you had to remove the standard clip back, then attach the included back plate that holds the wrist strap. It’s uncomfortable, scratchy, and constantly came unhinged, causing you to constantly fiddle around with it. Should you decide to wear it on your morning run, it also absorbs all your sweat and over time would just… ew.


For me, comfort is paramount when Poke hunting, so the hunt began for a strap that was both comfortable and hygienic — you know, the exact opposite of Nintendo’s strap. I was just about ready to give up my search when a Twitter friend turned me onto these replacement straps for the Misfit Shine fitness tracker. It was more of an accidental discovery but it turned out that these straps worked perfect for the GO Plus.

The straps are made of a nice, hard plastic/rubber and the big hole in the middle fastens securely around the clip back. You can even twist the GO Plus around to make it face a different direction and don’t worry about it falling out. The straps are secure enough that the GO Plus wont be going anywhere, but still easy enough that you can remove whenever you like.

With a variety of colors to choose from, you can easily swap out the straps to match your favorite outfits. Cool, right? The only thing better than how well they work, is the price. You can get a 6-pack for only $10 on Amazon. So, whether you’re thinking about picking up a GO Plus for yourself, a loved one, or know someone who already has one — these straps are easily the best thing you get for them in their quest to be the very best.

Buy on Amazon: GO Plus Replacement Straps

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