You can now pre-order Google WiFi for $129 each


As Google promised would happen this month, Google WiFi is now available for pre-order! The $129 WiFi system is expected to be available starting December 6th.


Google WiFi is more than just a router. The company designed these things for either single-unit usage to cover a small home (up to 1500 square feet), or as packs which work together to make sure WiFi is consistently spread all throughout the home (a pack of three would help cover 4500 square feet).

This mesh WiFi network uses automatic and smart optimization to ensure you get the fastest signal at any given time. It does so by constantly monitoring the wireless channels in your area to cut down on interference and other factors which can degrade a WiFi signal.

The routers use 802.11 AC1200 speeds with support for dual-band 2×2 Wave 2. For ports, you get 2 gigabit ethernet ports — one for WAN and one for LAN. On any additional units that are not designated as the primary router, both points act as LAN.

All of it can be controlled with a smartphone app not unlike the one that’s used to control Google’s OnHub routers. With it, you can set priority devices to make sure the device you’re using will get enough bandwidth to do its thing. You can also monitor networks, change network settings, and even reboot the system right from your phone.

Google WiFi seems a bit on the pricy side if you need a multi-unit setup, but considering we haven’t seen a mesh-capable system quite as easy and effortless to setup as this we imagine it’s worth the dollars. Hit up the link below to place an order for one if you want to ditch your current setup to try out something new.


Pre-order Google WiFi

[via Google]

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