Google and Facebook are doing something about those fake news sites


With the 2016 Presidential Election concluded, there have been reports that stated Google, Facebook, and Twitter all advertised “fake news” on the web. These fake news stories reportedly swayed voters towards President-elect Donald Trump, which has left some asking questions about the methods being used.

To counteract these reports, Google and Facebook have announced they will be being taking action against these fake news websites. The companies are looking into how to stop these sites from making money through advertisement which should make these sites disappear extremely quick.

Reuters is reporting that although Google and Facebook don’t explicitly approve ads on websites that provide false information, both companies will begin working harder towards preventing these sites from making appearances. It’s a difficult task for these two companies to undertake, but it’s one that should be taken considering the amount of bogus news stories that appear on a daily basis.

The biggest culprit of this during the Presidential Election was in Macedonia as BuzzFeed News reported there were “tiny publishers” taking advantage of Google’s AdSense services. These websites were publishing fake news against Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton which ended up in the timelines of many Facebook users.

We’ll see how things play out in the future, but it’s unlikely we’ll see any effects for quite some time. Let us know if you found any of these bogus news stories on your Facebook Timeline or when you were searching for results via Google.


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