Here’s a look at the Nokia smartwatch that could have been


Don’t look now, but Nokia had plans to make a smartwatch at one point in time. Those plans have apparently been shelved, which makes sense considering it was being conceived before Microsoft decided to dump them.

Thankfully, someone was able to uncover one of these artifacts to give us an idea of what Nokia was working on. It had the codename Moonraker, and it’s being flaunted in the video you see above.


Early impressions? It looks just like the other square smartwatches that were launching in that period. Its UI, whatever OS it is, did look smooth, and while we’d love to think this thing was showcasing that simplistic charm Nokia is known for, it’s just as likely that they simply needed a quick prototype and came up with the most basic device they could.

There’s a possibility that this device might have even been the precursor to the Microsoft Band, with the video owner noting that this was actually in the works before the Microsoft Band was, and that they both boast similar UIs.

In any case, this one was stuffed into a closet over at Microsoft’s headquarters and it likely won’t ever come out of it. As for the Nokia of today, it’s still totally within the realm of possibility that they will bring a smartwatch out, but right now we’re sure their number 1 priority is getting their first Android smartphone since the Nokia X line to market.

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