Galaxy Note 7 Out, Google Pixel and LG V20 In: What’s the best Android phone right now?


After reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 we just knew it was going to have a long reign atop our list of the best Android phones. And then it all blew up in our faces. Well, the Galaxy Note 7 is out for obvious reasons — you can’t buy it anymore!

So, who’s going to occupy that top spot in our best Android phones list? Well, let’s consider our options.

Google Pixel?

Let’s just get straight to it: this is the fun new kid on the block, and boy is it good. The Pixel and Pixel XL are Google’s first phones that they had 100% say in. We’re talking about specs, design, software, and even marketing.


Truth be told, it’s not that much different than a contemporary Nexus phone in terms of approach and philosophy, but there’s just something about the Pixel (more than name or branding alone) that makes it feel unique, new, and exciting. We have more for you to sink your teeth into in our newly-published Google Pixel review.

Being new and exciting alone obviously isn’t enough to automatically crown it a winner, though, and the device has some stiff competition alongside it, such as…

LG V20?

Yup, we’re also seeing the potential entry of LG’s V20 into our lineup this month. LG didn’t do anything radical for this launch compared to the LG V10 unless you count their desire to retain removable batteries while most of the industry has opted to move on, but that’s the same reason why it’s also vying for a strong and solid spot near the top of the list — it builds on something that was already pretty sweet.


Does a secondary display add meaningful value or is it still just a parlor trick? Is LG’s optical prowess still unmatched? Does it being the first non-Google device to ship with Pixel out of the box mean much of anything? Maybe. You’ll have to wait for our review to hit to find out all those answers, though.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

Samsung-Galaxy-S7-Edge (5)

Of course, the reigning champion today has every bit a claim to its former throne now that it’s been vacated. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is still one of the very best smartphones you can buy right now, which is quite the achievement considering others have had months to best it. Samsung hit a home run in almost all areas, with the only valid remaining knock on the company being their need to close up shop on battery doors, as well as software that doesn’t exactly rub everyone the right way.

An underdog?

Of course, the crown of best Android phone is open to any phone that can impress us enough, so you should rule out some of the options folks like Huawei, HTC, and Motorola have to offer.

What’s #1?


So here we are: the holiday season is nearing fast, and most of the major contenders are now available for purchase. It hasn’t been an easy task to identify the very best Android phone you can buy during this packed upgrade season, but we’ve done it and we’re excited to share the results with you!

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The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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