Love using Swappa? Fees are going up in November



If you’re an Android enthusiast like me, you’ve probably got a ton of devices laying around your house. Swappa is a great way to get rid of those extra devices or to find a gently used device to add to your collection. The marketplace has been around for nearly six years and in all that time, the company kept its fees simple. The buyer of the device paid a flat $10 fee.

Starting on November 1st, Swappa’s fee structure is changing just a little. It will still offer the best rates for selling devices compared to other online services like eBay or Glyde, but if you’re dealing in premium devices the fees associated with the transaction are now a little bit higher. Swappa has broken down the fees in a chart showing it still provides a pretty good value compared to other services, despite the fee increase.


For sellers on Swappa, this means absolutely nothing since it’s buyers who pay the fees. If you frequent the site as a buyer, the price of buying premium phones has gone up a few bucks now. Still, compared to the fees you’ll pay at other online sites the price hike is pretty reasonable and Swappa is still the best online marketplace to buy gently used Android and iOS devices.

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