Check out this phenomenal 4K footage taken with a Google Pixel [VIDEO]


The camera on the Pixel and Pixel XL have been getting a boatload of praise from various news outlets, including us here at Phandroid. When Google announced that DxOMark had given the camera its highest score for a smartphone, some of us were skeptical, but as more and more folks get their hands on it, that’s just not the case.


The latest example of this is a 4K video that was captured on the Google Pixel. A filmmaker decided to take his new Pixel to downtown Salt Lake City, Utah and show off the capabilities of the camera in different situations.

However, there’s a little bit of a catch with this video. After taking the footage, the filmmaker edited the footage within Final Cut Pro X and then “graded” the footage using DaVinci Resolve. The results are still absolutely stunning and show that the Pixel includes an amazing camera, even if this instance was put through the editor first.

If you are impatiently waiting for your Pixel or Pixel XL to arrive and want to get a better idea of what to expect out of your new camera, check out the links below.

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