Think a candidate is lying? Just ask Alexa to fact check for you


It’s an awesome time in technology when you can quickly and easily double check to see if something a politician has stated, is true. This became extremely popular during the various Presidential and Vice Presidential debates that have taken place ahead of the 2016 Presidential Election.

Previously, you would have to rely on Twitter or various news outlets to dive deeper into the information stated during the debates, but it turns out that Amazon’s Echo is getting in on the fun. A new update to the Echo lets you fact check candidates with the help of PolitiFact,, and the Washington Post.

The app was created by the Reporters’ Lab at Duke University and allows you to simply ask Alexa what’s going on with statements made. However, there are some quirks as you have to sit through an introduction about what the service does. The developers of the application also encourage users to make sure they are using the right keywords when asking questions.

[Engadget | Reporters Lab]


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