Oct 18th, 2016 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 1:11 pm

Smartphone cameras have gotten really good over the past few years, but Nexus devices have always lagged behind the competition. Since the Nexus line has been discontinued, Google has been given the opportunity to start things on the right note. When the phone was unveiled, Google announced that DxOMark had given the Pixel a score of 89, positioning it as the best smartphone camera of all time.

We’ve been using the Pixel for a few days now, but we’re not quite ready to give you our definite take on the overall camera performance. That being said, it’s hard not to notice that the camera on the Pixel is quite special. The zero-lag HDR+ Auto feature which is turned on by default allows the phone to capture incredible shots in nearly any situation.

To give you an idea of how the Pixel performs when compared to the competition, we took the phone out and snapped a few dozen shots alongside the Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edgeboth in HDR mode. Take a look at the video and gallery and let us know if you think the Pixel is better than the competition.

pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-street pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-soup pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-sign pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-slefie-dark pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-selfie pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-selfie-light pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-salad pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-pancakes pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-palm pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-fried pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-hummer pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-inside-car pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-light pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-mall pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-mazda pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-night-flowers pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-night-path pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-night-playground pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-flowers pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-donuts pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-night-street pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-dash pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-cross pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-car pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-apartment pixel-camera-versus-iphone7-galaxys7edge-711

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