Here are the 12 best LG V20 cases


Whenever a new device hits the market, there are some things that we always look for first: cases. There are many different options to choose from, but here’s our list of what cases you should check out for your brand new LG V20.

Rugged LG V20 Cases

Maybe you’re clumsy and always drop your phone, or maybe you’ve got little ones running around and you don’t want your new device to suffer a terrible demise. These cases are some of the best options to keep your LG V20 protected from just about anything you can throw at it.



UAG is known for providing ultra-protective case options for just about every new device that hits the market. The LG V20 is no different and UAG is offering the UAG ICE case which meets military drop-test standards and features a “feather-light composite construction. The UAG ICE is priced at $39.95 and available via the link below.

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OEAGO Shockproof LG V20 Case 


OEAGO isn’t a household name like others that you’ll see on this list but this shockproof case seems to be a winner in the making. Priced at just $5.99 with free Prime shipping, the OEAGO case offers a “soft feeling texture” and covers the bezels of your precious LG V20 protecting the screen from any severe drops.

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VRS Design Military Grade LG V20 Case


VRS Designs is one of those accessory makers that is becoming more and more popular and it’s for good reason. The company provides excellent options and its new Military Grade case for the V20 makes sure that your device will stay secure. Priced at $15.99, this VRS case also features a kickstand for those who want to watch some movies at your desk.

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Ringke Resilient Strength LG V20 Case


The Ringke Resilient Strength case features an all-new design to help disperse any impact that the case may take with your V20 in tow. Although the case is slim and lightweight, it still provides “Advanced Shock Absorption” to keep everything protected. Currently, this Ringke case is on sale for just $9.99 and you can snag it via the link below.

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POETIC Revolution LG V20 Case


The POETIC Revolution case might be the best option for some as it provides a built-in screen protector for your shiny new LG V20. The case is made from polycarbonate and TPU materials and offers “intelligently placed Raised TPU buttons” to help ensure the case won’t slip out of your hands. The Revolution is currently available for $16.95 with free Prime shipping.

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Spigen Rugged Armor LG V20 Case


Spigen is one of the best and most popular case manufacturers on the market and it’s actually difficult to find their products in stores. Luckily, they are available through Amazon and its Rugged Armor lineup provides some of the best protection without being too bulky. The Rugged Armor for the V20 is priced at $10.99 with free Prime shipping.

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Minimal LG V20 Cases

Some of us prefer more rugged devices, while others want to keep a low-profile with our cases without going naked. Sure, you could go the skins route and get a fancy dbrand skin on your V20, but there are options that provide a bit more protection without compromising the overall design.

CoverON LG V20 Case


CoverON is a newcomer to case manufacturing and this new case gives your LG V20 a slim profile while still offering a bit of protection. The back of the case is made of a hard polycarbonate cover, with a semi-flexible TPU bumper protecting the edges. The CoverON case is priced at $9.99 on Amazon and comes in three color options.

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Spigen Liquid Crystal LG V20 Case


Another Spigen case makes the list and the Liquid Crystal is my personal favorite for new devices. Just about every new device that I’ve purchased has included one of these bad boys and has protected my devices from everything I’ve thrown at it. Don’t let the clear TPU design keep you from thinking this case isn’t great at protecting devices, and for that reason, it makes the list. The Liquid Crystal case for the LG V20 is priced at $9.99 along with free Prime shipping.

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Ringke Fusion Clear Case


Similar to CoverON and LK Air Hybrid cases, the Ringke Fusion offers a hard back shell while keeping the edges protected with a built-in bumper. The Fusion also offers Military Grade drop protection, but doesn’t do so in a big and bulky profile. The Fusion is priced at $11.99 with Prime shipping and comes in two color options.

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LK Air Hybrid LG V20 Case


LK is a case manufacturer that I, personally, have never heard of but there seems to be some good vibes around the cases they are providing. This new Air Hybrid offers the hard polycarbonate back with the flexible TPU bumper offering protection without much sacrifice for a low profile. This case is priced at $7.99 and comes in three color combinations.

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J&D Slim Cushion LG V20 Case


Like LK, J&D is another up and coming case maker but possibly provides the slimmest profile of all the cases mentioned today. The J&D will protect your device from accidental drops, but we wouldn’t recommend performing any drop tests with this case on your V20. The J&D case is priced at $7.95 and comes in 4 different color variants.

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iVoler Ultra-Thin LG V20 Case


iVoler is another one of those company’s that I have personal experience with and they provide a great set of different cases. The iVoler Ultra-Thin case is similar to the Liquid Crystal option from Spigen as it’s clear all the way around, allowing you to show off your V20 in all its glory. This iVoler case is priced at $7.95 and comes with free one-day Prime shipping.

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LG V20 Forums & Help


If you’re on the fence about purchasing the LG V20, we have some informative posts that can help make your decision, as well as an application that will connect you with other LG V20 users.

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