Nintendo NX is now the Nintendo Switch, works like the NVIDIA Shield



The Nintendo “NX” has been a rumored device for almost a year and a half now. We usually don’t cover Nintendo devices, but the NX popped up alongside Android a few times. Nintendo eventually denied that the NX would run Android, but then we heard it could work with smartphones. Today, the NX dropped the codename and went official. Say hello to the Nintendo Switch.

The Switch is a modular device that can sit in your living room like a regular console or transform into a handheld. That alone is pretty awesome, but it gets better. It can be used as a solo portable device or a 2-person party system. The device is made up from 3 components: tablet, dock, and controllers.


The tablet is what holds the brains of the operation. When the tablet is in the dock it works like a typical gaming console. It connects to your TV and multiple controllers. The magic happens when you pull the tablet out of the dock. You can slide off the sides of the controller and attach them to the tablet. Instant handheld. The controller modules also can work independently as wireless controllers for 2 players.

The Switch is scheduled for a March 2017 release. Many companies have tried this approach, the NVIDIA Shield comes to mind, but Nintendo has a very cool modular thing going on. Hopefully, the phone integration is more than just a rumor.

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