Google Flights can now help you find flights at their cheapest prices


Google is hooking up their Flights search engine with some nice changes. Everything in this go ’round seems to be about helping you save money.

The biggest way Google is going about this is alerting you to historical price data to estimate when a flight’s price may increase. When looking to book a flight, a notification may pop up letting you know when a price for that particular flight is expected to increase.


Google will even give an estimate of how many days it’ll increase, how much it’ll increase, and the percentage of how often the increase has happened for similar routes in the past. Of course, they can’t guarantee that history will repeat itself, but it’s better to make an informed decision about when to buy your ticket than taking a mere guess.

Beyond that, Google is also making it easier to uncover hotel deals at your preferred destination. Previously you could see deals on each hotel’s listing, but a new deals tab will help you find good rates at hotels you may not have even been considering. To get access to all these new goods is easy — simply access Google Flights on the web and search away!

[via Google]

Quentyn Kennemer
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