Samsung is setting up shop inside US airports for Galaxy Note 7 exchanges


It’s reported that more than 1 million folks still have yet to exchange their Galaxy Note 7 devices. Well, with the FAA instituting a hard ban on the phone — one that could put you hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt if you’re caught bringing one onto a flight — you probably should get going on turning your phone in.


With that, the company seems to be getting more progressive about helping inform folks to make sure they don’t incur the wrath of the US government. It’s being reported that Samsung reps are heading to major US airports to help Galaxy Note 7 customers exchange their device or get a refund before getting on a flight.

The company will work with the TSA on getting customers squared away when devices are spotted, and it’s said Samsung will be in place at these airports for at least the next few days.

To be clear, the TSA won’t actively search you for the smartphone, so if you were to stash one away inside your luggage then it may get through unnoticed. But if they do spot one — perhaps in the personal items tray that goes through their scanner before you head through their body check — they’ll pull you aside to help get it taken care of.

Of course, we’d strongly urge you not to try and dupe the TSA at all. If you have a Galaxy Note 7, get it exchanged before your flight or see if you can find a Samsung rep at one of these airports before you head through to  your gate.

[via KTRK ABC-13]

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