South Korea will also start their own investigation into the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s battery issues


Samsung is doing their own work on investigating the cause of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery explosions, but they won’t be alone. The South Korean government is reportedly getting in on the fun with investigations of their own, according to Yonhap News.

The country’s testing labs retrieved 5 of the new Galaxy Note 7 devices which were affected by battery explosion issues, and they’ll use technology like X-Ray to get a deeper look into the device’s various components to see why, exactly, they aren’t stable.

Despite the help, Samsung says they’re still going full blast on efforts of their own, which is certainly not something we’re surprised about especially since it was a multi-billion dollar mistake. And those dollars may be nothing compared to the amount of potential earnings they’ll surrender in the future from customers who have jumped ship.

After all, Samsung’s reputation took a huge hit with this launch, and gaining back the trust of their customers is going to be a tough task if they can’t find out why their best phones couldn’t adhere to reasonable standards of safety. Let’s hope they get to the bottom of it for everyone’s sake.

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