AT&T will offer low-rate display repair service starting November 15th


AT&T is launching a new device repair service for those who can’t seem to keep their phones in their pockets and hands. Starting November 15th, repairs for cracked displays can be had on select devices for just $89, granted you have AT&T insurance.

To be clear, AT&T — and many other carriers — already offer replacements and repairs for damaged phones under their standard insurance options, but the deductible for those replacements are usually pretty high starting upwards of $350 and gradually degrading to anywhere between $100 to $150 depending on how long you’ve had your phone.

The difference with this new option is that AT&T is allowing you to call in specifically for a cracked display, and that allows them to help you at a cheaper deductible of $89. Granted, that price is a bit higher than what you’d get for going through a third party, but that’s a third party, and warranties are typically unforgiving in that regard.

Going through AT&T gives you a nice peace of mind in case you have any future incidents, but more than that, you’re actually getting a 12-month warranty for the repair, and AT&T says it won’t affect your insurance claim status for any other issues you might have with your phone. Beyond that, the phone can be repaired the same day you make a claim as long as that claim is approved by 2PM local time.

Unfortunately, there are only a few Android devices (alongside a wide range of iPhones) which will be covered to start. Those devices are the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy S5, and Samsung Galaxy S6. The offer is also limited to just a handful of markets, shown below:


We’re hoping AT&T has plans to expand even further at some point, and we’ll be in contact with them to see if those hopes can’t be turned into promises.

[via AT&T]

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