Here’s a look at the Xiaomi Mi Note 2’s insanely thin bezels


The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is due for an October 25th unveiling, and we’re starting to get even more clear looks at the big flagship by the day. Today’s leak gives us another shot of the device’s curved display, but the curve isn’t what grabs our attention here.

Just look at those bezels, or lack thereof. The top and sides of the phone are almost completely devoid of the stuff. We’re not sure what the bottom is looking like, but we imagine there has to be room somewhere for speakers, sensors, and cameras of some sort.

Sharp showed such a design in their own “bezel-less” phone known as the Sharp Aqua Crystal. Need to make a call? Turn the phone upside down. We’re still not sure that such thinness is a good thing, what with people always looking for some sort of freedom to grip the phone without having to put their hands on the display.


We imagine a grip is still possible here, but you may have to take heed to Apple’s advice that “you’re holding it wrong” and find another way to operate the phone. Whether that’s practical enough for you is for you to decide, and you’ll get the chance to figure that out once the device is finally made available.

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