Best Android Phones: the Galaxy Note 7 has left the building


Last time we updated our Best Android Phones rankings was right after our review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. We placed the Note 7 comfortably at #3 in our rankings, just below the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and HTC 10. A lot has happened in the weeks since that update. The Note 7 has been recalled twice and our once glowing review now has a big red warning at the top.

Unfortunately, we can no longer consider the Note 7 to be one of the Best Android Phones (but is it the worst of all time?). Small flaws have been known to doom lesser phones, and the Note 7 is plagued by a pretty major problem. The entire situation is unprecedented in the smartphone era. The good news is 2016 has been a great year for Android devices.

You should return your Note 7 immediately and get one of the other devices on our list. The Note 7 is dead. Even if you continue to use it, you will never receive another Android update. It’s dead. A great replacement would be the Galaxy S7 Edge. It only lacks the stylus and iris scanner. Regardless of the phone you choose to get, let’s move on from the situation. Better days are ahead. RIP Note 7.

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Best Android Phones Rankings

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