Samsung sending out explosion-proof return packages for Galaxy Note 7


It looks like Samsung is taking no chances with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, now that even devices that have been declared safe have proven to erupt into flames. Last night, Samsung issued a statement urging consumers to power down their Note 7 devices and return them immediately through whatever channel possible.

Now it looks like the company is sending out packaging to claim those return Galaxy Note 7 devices, as XDA Developers have gotten their hands on a return kit. The hit includes a thermally-insulated box for the device, as well as a pair of safety gloves for handling the box and the phone. The instructions note the gloves are because some people may be sensitive to the ceramic fiber paper in the insulated box.


Here’s a peek at the instructions that were included with the kit and you can see them unboxing the kit itself in the video above. Just yesterday we reported that Samsung had hired a third-party company that specializes in recalls to handle this fiasco, so it looks like Samsung is taking the device malfunction pretty seriously when it comes to reclaiming those return units.

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