Samsung’s nightmare continues: There may be issues with the replacement Galaxy Note 7


Samsung’s nightmare seemingly won’t end as the company is struggling with completing its recall of the Galaxy Note 7. While other countries are seeing more and more devices returned or exchanged, South Korea still has over 200,000 users that have yet to return the device.

Due to the issues surrounding the recall, Samsung has reportedly delayed its plans to resume sales until October 1st to ensure that all defective Note 7’s are returned or exchanged. Last week, it was reported that although Samsung had started sending out the replacement devices, these devices were unable to be charged past 10%. There are also issues with the replacement Note 7’s experiencing severe battery drain while the device is plugged in.

Samsung claims that these are just “isolated incidents” and that they are unrelated to the new batteries that were included, stating that the issues stem from mass-production issues. This is just another blow to Samsung’s reputation that has also seen another hit after a Galaxy S7 Edge exploded.

Are you planning on getting a Galaxy Note 7 when the device goes back on sale?

[The Wall Street Journal]


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