Sales of the Galaxy Note 7 in Europe will resume on October 28th


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 saga seems to be coming to an end. After extending pushing back the re-release of the Note 7 in Samsung’s home country of South Korea to October 1st, Europe is readying for its own re-release.

In a statement released to Android Central, Samsung has recouped 57% of recalled devices in Europe, and 60% of devices in the US and South Korea. Out of that 57% of European users, 90% of them decided to stick with the Note 7, while 3% of users opted for another Samsung device.

Although the exchange rate isn’t exactly what Samsung is hoping for, especially after its official recall, Samsung is preparing to stock the shelves with new Galaxy Note 7s on October 28th. There is a bit of a catch as the statement also suggests that the new date is “subject to a full completion of the exchange program”. This would make sense as the company needs to secure as many faulty devices as possible before re-releasing the new ones.

Are you going to be picking up a new Galaxy Note 7 once they are re-released? Sound off in the comments below.


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