Samsung says 500,000 Galaxy Note 7 devices returned in US so far


After several device explosions reported in the media, Samsung opted for a voluntary recall of its Galaxy Note 7 device. The company sold more than 1 million devices in the US before the recall and Samsung says that exactly one-half of existing Note 7 devices have returned their devices.

The interesting thing is that most consumers seem to be trusting Samsung with new Note 7 devices, as 90% of customers wanted to exchange their faulty device for a new one, instead of getting a full or partial refund.

Still, this is only half of the devices that have been sold in the United States. If you currently have a Galaxy Note 7 device, you should take it and exchange it as soon as possible. There’s no reason to risk third-degree burns just because you don’t want to deal with a little hassle. Not to mention Samsung has released an OTA update that makes faulty devices only charge to 80% max.

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