Samsung Galaxy C9 could be the company’s first phone to have 6GB of RAM, 16MP front camera


You would think that Samsung would look to use a top-end phone like the Galaxy Note 7 to introduce 6GB of RAM into their lineup, but a new rumor suggests something a bit lower on the food chain will get that honor. The Samsung Galaxy C9 has shown up in an Antutu benchmark with that much RAM inside. The benchmark also revealed that Samsung would look to slap a 16-megapixel front-facing camera on the front of the device.

We don’t typically see Samsung stretching their front camera sensors beyond 5-megapixels largely due to the fact that they know megapixels don’t mean much alone. But the market is changing in areas like China and India where the marketing buzz surrounds cost-effective devices with great on-paper specs. Being able to say your phone has a 16MP front camera and 6GB of RAM for just $300 (we’re not sure on cost this early on, but we’d expect something in that range) is huge for them, even if those details alone don’t contribute to the device’s overall level of quality.

And that’s not to say the Galaxy C9 or any other phone’s specs don’t fully contribute to the device’s worth, but just know that they’re purely driven by the marketing benefits in that regard. Anyway, the phone should turn out to be a fine competitor as long as it’s priced right. It’s sporting a Snapdragon 652 chipset under the hood, as well as a 6-inch full HD display, if the benchmark is believable.

[via SamMobile]

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