Sep 22nd, 2016

Streaming Android games to services like Twitch and Facebook Live is more difficult than it needs to be, but it’s about to become a lot easier thanks to Bluestacks. The company is adding a Facebook Live option to its Android emulator to allow streaming games to the service. Twitch has been supported for some time now.

Facebook Live natively supports Blizzard games like Overwatch and Hearthstone, which has rapidly growing communities centered around the streaming service. With this latest update to Bluestacks, more games will be able to form communities on services other than Twitch.


Bluestacks’ emulation isn’t perfect, however. Games that require a heavy amount of swiping tend not to perform as well since getting the same effect with a mouse and keyboard is a lot harder than natively using your finger. Games aren’t the only types of apps you can use in the emulator, either. If you want to explain a new app feature to a colleague, this may just be the best way to do that now.

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